Wolf Ryot Star is the new album by Gary Camaro. 12 original tracks recorded at Black Jackal Studio For Audio & Visual Design. Produced by Lemmy LaVaca. All songs written & recorded by Gary Camaro. Copyright 2020. 

1) Into The Thunder

2) Can't Seem To Keep It Together

3) Some Autumn Day

4) Dancing The Night Away

5) On Down The Road

6) Black Jackal Gemini

7) Cut Me Some Slack (The Ballad Of Iggy Yoakam)

8) Stuck Inside Chicago With The Kansas City Blues Again

9) Awaiting The Vultures

10) Sedona Lullaby

11) The Stalker's Blues

Black Magic Mama

Beltran Del Campo - Violin on "Cut Me Some Slack" & "Sedona Lullaby"
Spencer Schillerstrom - Saxophone on "Black Jackal Gemini"
Alex Willhite - Trombone on "Stuck Inside Chicago"
Joel Cantoran - Trumpet on "Stuck Inside Chicago"
Scott Lee Cupp - Piano on "Cut Me Some Slack"
Kavon Vlastnosti / The Feature Producer - Piano & Organ on "The Stalker's Blues" & "Stuck Inside Chicago"
Wolf Ryot Star Press Release
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